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Observe Noticeable Hair Growth After 1 Session

If you are facing hair loss problem, do consider having early treatment done, as research has shown that early treatment can help you achieve better results to restore thicker hair and healthier scalp.

The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary male or female pattern baldness.

Hair thinning and hair loss can be a great concerning problem to an individual. Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is the most common form of hair loss affecting approximately 70% of men and 40% of women.


FDA Approved Treatment for Hair Loss – Regenera

Regenera Activa is an FDA-approved treatment designed to combat hair loss or hair thinning.

This treatment uses autologous micrografts which are cells extracted from your own scalp to help activate the follicles at the targeted areas of hair loss.

This safe and effective treatment can be done in a single setting at our clinic in KL or PJ.


What to Expect from Regenera?

 Observe results after the FIRST session

 Done by certified and licensed doctor

 FDA approved treatment for hair growth

Safe, natural, and without side effects

 45 minutes to 1 hour completion

 Able to go back to work immediately after treatment

Why Choose Sliq Clinic for Regenera

Experienced and Licensed Doctor

Get a direct 1 to 1 consultation with our experienced LCP doctor for hair loss. We can determine the underlying cause of your hair loss and suggest the appropriate treatment towards hair growth.

Modern Trichoscopy Technology

We will use the digital trichoscopy technology before treatment. We will then extract small samples from a healthy area of your scalp to begin the treatment.

Only 1 Session Needed to Notice Results

The unique advantage to Regenera is you can observe results in 1 session, unlike most other hair treatment, where it is mandatory to go for 6-10 sessions. Regenera uses autologous micrografts which are cells extracted from your own scalp to help activate the follicles at the targeted areas of hair loss.

Welcome to Sliq Clinic

We are an award winning aesthetic clinic with experienced and friendly LCP certified doctors who are ready to meet your needs.

Our aim to deliver both quality and natural hair treatment for men and women who are experiencing hair loss issue.

Regenera Hair Treatment at Sliq Clinic

3-Step Process

We apply the following 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Extraction of 3-5 small samples from a healthy area of your scalp after administering a little local anaesthesia.

Step 2: Samples collected are processed by a device, and growth factors will be prepared into a suspension.

Step 3: Injection of the suspension into the areas of hair thinning or hair loss to begin stimulating the hair follicle growth process.


Regenera Treatment Comparison with Hair Transplant 


Procedure Type Natural Surgical
Suitable Candidates Early to Middle Stage of Hair Loss Advanced stage of hair loss (near full balding)
Gender Suitable for Men and Women Suitable for Men and Women
Time Taken 45 Minutes to 1 Hour 6 to 8 Hours

Pricing Expectation

Medium range High-end range


…..Hair Loss Is NOT Permanent, We Can Fix It With Regenera!


Scroll below to see our Regenera results 👇👇

Regenera Results

sliq clinic regenera men before after
sliq clinic regenera men before after
sliq clinic regenera men before after
sliq clinic regenera men before after

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from your hair treatment?

Notice a reduction of hair loss followed by improved density and thickness of the hair. With Regenera, you can expect to observe results after the first session

Does Regenera affects my daily life? How about downtime & post care?

After the treatment, you can
immediately go back to office in the afternoon, or next day.

Social events and outings can also be
immediately resumed without any downtime.

The tiny wounds (2.5mm diameter) at the sampling site will take about 1-2 weeks to heal. It is recommended to continue using special hair products for a more desired outcome and best practice for post care.

Is it painful?

Local anaesthesia is applied at the extraction area. It may hurt slightly during application of local anaesthesia, however this is very brief. The extraction procedure won’t be painful.

How long does the results last?

The hair will continue to grow for up to 2 years. It is advisable for patients to continue maintain healthy hair with hair supplements or other maintenance procedures like Hair fillers or LLLT (low level light therapy laser).

As each individual is different, its important to have personalised treatment and post care for the optimal results.

Professional Dr and staff kept me comfortable and relax throughout the procedure. Results are excellent 👍🏻

Yong Xiang Teoh

Best service ever! Came out feeling 10years younger! Definitely will go back and recommend to friends. Thank you, Dr. Chia!

Jessica Yeo

Excellent service provided by friendly and helpful doctors and staff… I have been a customer with them for more than 2 years and am very satisfied with their service! Thank you! 😊
Ying Yi Ng

Love the clinic culture, non pushy sales stuff makes me feel comfortable to come back in future for more treatments.

Justin TGH

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Get a FREE detailed Regenera Hair Scalp Assessment (Worth RM349)